The Gibraltar Bus Company Ltd, a wholly owned Company of the Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar. The Company was formed in 2004 replacing and amalgamating two pre-existing privately owned public transport companies. Modern low floor dptac compatible vehicles which catered for those service users with physical disabilities and/or movement difficulties were introduced.

Aside from the 18 Dennis Dart Buses incorporated into the service, later additions in the form of 3 Mercedes Sprinter vehicles as well as other smaller vehicles to cater for those previously inaccessible areas of Gibraltar, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality in the services and comfort.

The Company works closely and under the direction and policies of the Ministry for Transport, Traffic and Tech Services, and provides the Honourable Paul Balban MP with advice to ensure the delivery of the best possible public transport service.

Run at ground level by an enthusiastic and highly motivated management team with over 16 years worth experience in the company, dedicated to maintaining and improving the high standards of service the public has learnt to expect.

The Company's aim is to always accommodate the passengers' requests as much as possible and the routes are continuously reviewed, their efficiency monitored against changes in traffic flows, engaging with service users and if necessary changing routes or working practices to deliver the most effective transport system possible with the resources available.

As part of its commitment towards improving the services to the Public and in line with HM Government of Gibraltar's commitment towards a greener more sustainable transport service a tender has been issued at a European Level seeking quotes for the most Eco Friendly Buses that continue to meet and if possible exceed the high standards of service currently being delivered.

Gibraltar Bus Company Ltd,
Winston Churchill Avenue,

  +350 200 47622